How do you Fellowship with Those Who Are Not of Our Faith?

We have some great ways to help you get more from Chapter 20: Fellowship with Those Who Are Not of Our Faith from the Gordon B. Hinckley Manual. There are some great examples from the life of President Hinckley of great ways for us to learn how to connect with our community.

This episode I am joined by my little sister Summer. We served together on the Public Affairs Committee for our Stake during Mormon Helping Hands. There was a shift one year on how we did executed it, and we didn’t really agree with it at first.

Summer is a blogger and YouTuber with Elevate Everyday. She writes about fashion, motherhood, and beauty. She was on the podcast before and I interviewed her about her return to the Church during Easter.

I wrote an article about how to create strong ties in a ward. It works just as well for wanting to fellowship with those who are not of our faith.

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Opening Hymn: You Can Make a Pathway Bright

Closing Hymn: Have I Done Any Good in the World Today


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Gordon B. Hinckley- Chapter 20 Fellowship with Those Who Are Not of Our Faith