Ever wonder what happens when the Prophet isn’t able to function fully? How about how the Apostles make decisions? Let’s talk about Priesthood Leadership!

General Conference is here! We are excited to talk about Chapter 19- Priesthood Leadership in the Church of Jesus Christ from the Gordon B. Hinckley Manual.

This lesson does a great job at sharing some of the insights to First Presidency and Twelve Apostles. It was really interesting to read about the times when President Hinckley was the only healthy member of the First Presidency. We are seeing some of that today with President Monson participating in Conference from home.

Heather of LDS Youth Leadership joins us again. She just wrote a great article for Suicide Awareness Month and you should read it to learn the signs of depression and how you can help. Heather’s article, “What Everyone Should Know About Teen Suicide Prevention” can help you be a first-responder when it comes to mental health.

With General Conference coming up, I found a really cool #LDSconf printout just for young men. My son is super excited for it and you can see the video of his reaction. I also created a fun Jeopardy game that has quotes, videos, and trivia to help youth get prepared for General Conference. My Deacons seemed to really like it.

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Opening Hymn: Come, Listen to a Prophet’s Voice

Closing Hymn: We Thank Thee, O God, for a Prophet


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Gordon B. Hinckley- Chapter 19- Priesthood Leadership in the Church of Jesus Christ