How have you continued in the great process of learning since you ended your formal education?

Have you ever gone back to school to get more education? We discuss both formal and informal education in the episode as we talk about lesson 17 from the Gordon B. Hinckley Manual “Continue in the Great Process of Learning”.

We often think about learning so we can get a degree and get a great job and support a family. That is certainly part of it. We also discus great resources for informal learning. There are some great quotes of why women need to continue in the great process of learning. (hint: it isn’t in case their husband dies) I mention a great article by my wife, and recent guest, on how to get your kids to read.

An article was just published by Elder Kim B Clark on Learning for the Whole Soul. I didn’t read it before we recorded so it isn’t referenced in the episode, but it is so powerful that I had to add it to the show notes. Elder Clark talk about obtaining “Deep Learning” of both temporal and spiritual education. There are some great quotes and supporting scriptures on the great process of learning.

 Deep learning applies to every kind of knowledge, whether spiritual or secular. Learning is deep when it increases your power to do three things: (1) to know and understand; (2) to take effective, righteous action; and (3) to become more like our Heavenly Father.
-Elder Kim B. Clark

Ben Bernards is back on the Podcast. He is an excellent author and speaker. He actually has a new book out, Terra Firma Academy: How to Survive This Adventure Called Life. Over at you can find his other ways to help get more from the Gospel with teaching helps and inspiring messages. You can also have Ben speak to your Youth and YSA. He always has amazing slides…

Ben and I are closely aligned in our goals. I mentioned in the episode that my mission for This Mormon Life is to help you find joy in the journey. Part of the way we do that is through this Podcast. With Curriculum changing for 2018 and the end of Teachings of the Presidents of the Church, we need your help. Go over to our announcement and get the full context and then tell us how the podcast can continue to help you next year.

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Opening Hymn: Help Me Teach With Inspiration

Closing Hymn: Teach Me To Walk In The Light


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