Have you ever felt the Power of the Book of Mormon?

Remember the 2005 challenge Gordon B. Hinckley have for us to read the Book of Mormon by the end of the year? Many came away from the feeling the Power of the Book of Mormon. This week will discuss lesson 16 from the Gordon B. Hinckley Manual.

One of the biggest points we focus on in this episode is how the Book of Mormon testifies of Jesus Christ and helps us to know him better. The Power of the Book of Mormon is essentially the power of Jesus Christ and his ability to change hearts.

Remember this old drawing from Seminary? It might be a good time to bring it back out!

Gordon B Hinckley- Chapter 16 The Power of the Book of Mormon Keystone

The Power in the Book of Mormon even has reach in other mediums. We hear of story after story of people who are converted to the Gospel because they went to the Book of Mormon musical and became interested in the book. The Church has even taken out ads in the programs of the musical.

Gordon B Hinckley- Chapter 16 The Power of the Book of Mormon Musical Ad

Kristie has been so great at helping our family read the scriptures. She shares some of our best practices on one of her blog posts, 6 Ways to Improve Family Scripture Study. Kristie has all kids of ways to help you have a happier and faithful family life. If you want more creativity and fun in your home, you should check our Our Kerrazy Adventure.

Remember when we were Ponderizing for a few weeks after Elder Durrant’s talk in General Conference? I shared Mormon 6:17, “O ye fair ones” one of the weeks. The Book of Mormon can give use guidance and inspiration to look to Christ and live if we will study and live the word it contains.

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Opening Hymn: One Fold, One Shepherd

Closing Hymn: An Angel from on High


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