How have you seen The Holy Priesthood impact your life?

Lesson 15 of the Gordon B. Hinckley Manual is on The Holy Priesthood. In this episode we share three aspects of the Priesthood. We discuss the important that The Holy Priesthood was restored, how we need to sanctify ourselves to be worthy of it’s power, and how the Priesthood Quorum can be an anchor of strength for those things.

Think about your Quorum. Is it doing those things or is it simply the class some of them go to during third hour? It is important to note that much of that also parallels to the Relief Society.

I wanted to share the video I reference in the episode, “Sanctify Yourselves“. This is a great video to use to bring the message into your family teaching, or use it in class, for the call to be clean, isn’t just for the youth.

We recorded this episode after Family Night and we sent the kids to bed. We had a wonderful lesson that my guest (and wife) prepared on Hate Speech. It has some great references to Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Cars! If you struggle for Family Home Evening Lessons, she has a lot more ideas on her site, Our Kerrazy Adventure.

It is such a responsibility to always be ready to receive revelation and give a Priesthood Blessing when called upon. One time where I know I can prepare myself is when I give my kids blessings before a new school year begins. As school is starting up all over the country, I would recommend you check our my article on Fathers Blessings.

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Opening Hymn: Brightly Beams Our Father’s Mercy

Closing Hymn: Rise Up, O Men of God


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