Self-Reliance isn’t just for world calamities. It has every day applications.

Learn some of them as Kristie and I discuss Lesson 13 of the Gordon B. Hinckley Manual: Peace and Contentment Through Temporal Self-Reliance.

I had my wife Kristie as our guest again of Our Kerrazy Adventure. She uses self-reliance in meal planning as a way to make sure she doesn’t impulse buy at the grocery store. She also doesn’t let food go to waste by using leftovers in creative ways. Her July Meal Plan post also had great Family Night ideas and ways to celebrate Independence Day and Happy Potter’s Birthday!

We discuss in the episode about the importance of getting kids to work. Made a fun music video set to James the Mormon’s “Workin”. We shared 5 Essential Tips to Get Kids to Work. Some great tips and a lot of fun.

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Opening Hymn: Because I Have Been Given Much

Closing Hymn: A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief


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Gordon B Hinckley- Chapter 13 Peace and Contentment Through Temporal Self-Reliance