When Gordon B. Hinckley was asked what his theme would be as President of the Church he called for Obedience: Simply Live the Gospel

This week we are discussing Lesson 12 from the Gordon B. Hinckley manual. Obedience: Simply Live the Gospel is such a great topic for a lesson. It is almost a pleading request, “will you just Simply Live the Gospel already!?”

I had my wife Kristie as our guest again of Our Kerrazy Adventure. She is one of the most obedient people I know, so it was only fitting. With summer time being a period fun and absence of commitments, she share how you can use these months to better connect with your family.

We also have a collaboration we did to share our thoughts on Greg Trimble’s new book, “Dads Who Stay and Fight”. On each of your blogs we have details for a contest to get a free copy of the book!

To read how I had my kids choose four areas of the book for me to work on, read here. If you want to see what Kristie shared that all men could benefit from, click here!

Also, I just wanted to give you the link to the time I got an answer to my prayer about the handbook changes that did not allow children of save sex marriage to be baptized as minors. I mentioned it in the episode, and not you can learn more,

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Opening Hymn: Keep the Commandments

Closing Hymn: Lord, I Would Follow Thee


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