With so many demands on our time, there is something we need to make a priority, Home—the Basis of a Righteous Life

Chapter 11 of the Gordon B. Hinckley manual is Home—the Basis of a Righteous Life. Do you wish you had a more consistent Family Night? When do you start teaching your kids the Gospel? What do you do when children rebel?

We discuss all these and more tonight as me and Ben Bernards talk about Chapter 11: Home—the Basis of a Righteous Life from the Gordon B. Hinckley manual.

Ben is an author (click to see his book) and speaker for youth conferences and EFY. He has one of his talks available online called Don’t Forget to A.S.K. This talk is a GREAT resource for the 2017 youth theme! For those who “lack wisdom” (James 1:5) and feel that getting answers to prayers is sometimes frustrating or difficult, Brother Bernards can help!

If his episode performance wasn’t enough, here is a preview!

During the episode we discuss a home that had a painting of the woman taken in adultery over their fireplace mantle. It was very weird to me at first, but I learned an important lesson that I wrote about here.

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Opening Hymn: Love at Home

Closing Hymn: Home Can Be a Heaven on Earth


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