How can we help Young Men enjoy General Conference? I created a game and found a printable packet that can assist you.

I serve with the Deacons and this is my oldest son’s first General Conference as a young Priesthood holder. With that group in mind, it was important to me to find a way to help Young Men enjoy General Conference. Satan has increased his attack on our youth and they are facing mature choices as younger and younger ages. I wanted to inspire my Deacons to combat that attack with more spiritual maturity.

Help Young Men Enjoy General Conference with this Printable Packet

Young Men General Conference Packet

The Mutual before General Conference we are having meeting dedicated to help the youth get excited for the event. Each young man will be getting a General Conference Packet and Journal they can use to help them focus on the speakers. It was created by Brightly Street, and she has so many other helpful printables on her Esty Shop.

You Can Get the Young Men General Conference Packet Here

I got excited and decided to give mine to my son early, he got pretty excited too.

The General Conference Packet has several great sections. A few pages that offer prompts that require pondering. One page asks for their testimony, which is a chance for great chance for them to define it. What I love is that there is a place for the Young Men to write what questions they have before General Conference. Then there is a place for them to record their answers. That is what I want for my young men and my son. I want them to learn that they can find answers to life’s questions by listening to Heavenly Father’s Prophet and Apostles.

Help Young Men Enjoy General Conference Talk Notes

Each talk gets a dedication note page with three thought provoking prompts. The first one asks for, “My Spiritual Impressions”. Then it asks for “Thought to Not Forget”, then “My Goals”. This is so great because I think we get so much more from what we feel from General Conference than what we hear. Elder Bednar said for us “to listen both with ears that hear and with hearts that feel” as we watch General Conference. Once we feel a prompting, we should create a plan to implement it.

Help Young Men Enjoy General Conference Quotes

There are pages with quotes from all the current Apostles to help youth get to know them. And lastly there are some fun treat tags to help Young Men enjoy General Conference with goodies in addition to the Spirit. I haven’t put these together for my Young Men yet, but Brightly Street has a photo of similar tags included in the complimentary Young Women General Conference Packet.

You will want to get:

  • Water Bottle (I got a little drink mix packet to go with it)
  • Candy Bar
  • Popcorn
  • Starburst
  • Cheetos
  • Brow Bag of some sort for it all to go in

Young Women General Conference Packet Treats

I put by son’s in a mini binder, but you can also secure them with brads if you are getting them for your youth and don’t want to break the ward budget. I got our binder from Target and it included dividers, a pouch, and a little ruler too!

Help Young Men Enjoy General Conference with this Jeopardy Game

To make sure the Young Men use the General Conference Packet, I want to get them excited for LDSconf by making a Jeopardy board game. We are going to play this as part of our Mutual activity. The intent is to educate and inspire the young men to want to watch General Conference. Not all their families watch. Some have parents that are diligent, and we can easily see it in their sons. Others only have them watch the Prophet or be in the room. They can be doing what they want as long as they are present.


My goal is the have them take charge of their General Conference experience. Click here are play on our board with your youth.

What Do You Do To Help Youth Enjoy General Conference?

Let me know if you use this packet and how it went, especially if you have pictures. There is also a great article on of 7 Ways to Get More from General Conference. If you have your own ideas to help youth focus and benefit from General Conference, let us know!

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