Something I have been milling around in my head and my heart is, ‘why do I have this blog?’

I have been working on writing for about 6 years now, and I have loved it. I just haven’t figured out Why I blog. Today I did, I want to help you find joy in the journey.

This week I have been working at our user conference for the company I work for, Infusionsoft. If you are getting emails from me, you might have figured that out. ICON is an annual convention held near our headquarters in Phoenix.

The even brings small business owners from all over the world to learn how to be better marketers, better company owners, better sellers, and just better businessmen. What I began to discover was that those who were successful and relateable all had one thing in common, a powerful Why.

The truth is, the reason I started blogging was because I wanted to help people. I wanted to help people choose quality entertainment so I started doing movie reviews. I wanted to help people get more out of their Sunday lessons so I started a Podcast. I wanted to help people discover their opinion on difficult issues so I tackled controversial issues. I wanted to help people help people have happy successful families, so I shared what worked for mine. I wanted to give people opportunities to talk about being Mormon, so I made conversation starting shirts. I wanted to help people find joy in loving their faith, so I wrote about spiritual experiences.

As I have broken this down, I am reminded of a talk by our dear prophet, Thomas S. Monson called Finding Joy in the Journey.

Let us relish life as we live it, find joy in the journey, and share our love with friends and family.

That is my Why! I want to help you find joy in the journey.

Happiness and joy is a fundamental principle in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. even has an article on How to Be Happy.

Maybe some of the topics I mentioned before are what brought you to the blog, maybe some of those things resonated with you. If so, leave me a comment!

I am going to try and be a bit more intentional about how I am helping you find joy in the journey, so I need to know, what cause you to visit the blog? Why do you come back?

How can I help you find more “joy in the journey?”