Is Game of Thrones your guilty pleasure? Have you been wondering what the fuss is about? Watch Guilt Free Game of Thrones with VidAngel.

I have been a Game of Thrones fan since it started. It was hard to scour the interwebs to find each week’s episode in an edited format. Game of Thrones spoilers are on social media within minutes of an episode ending! Now I watch Game of Thrones with VidAngel!

What is Game of Thrones and Why Does it Need to be Edited?

In case you don’t have cable TV, regular TV, a social media account, or the internet at all; Game of Thrones is one of the most popular shows on television today.  The premier of season 7 drew 16.1 million total viewers, including 10.1 million coming from the channel directly. To put that into context, the season 7 premier of The Walking Dead reached 17.03 million and last season’s premier of NCIS fell behind with 15.99 million.
Game of Thrones if a fantasy story with dragons, magic, and languages made up purely for the show. There is also strong character development, thrilling drama, and an immersive story line. Regrettably there is also a lot of sex, profanity and violence. (Like, a ton!)

Why Watch a Show With Inappropriate Content?

That is a great question! For me, I just like the show. I like it for all the reasons above. Except that last reason, that is why I watch Game of Thrones with VidAngel. Violence really doesn’t bother me, but I WILL NOT watch the nudity. For others, maybe violence is something you wont stand for.
That is why I love VidAngel. Each user gets to set filters for the content the choose to abstain from. New episodes are posted within a few hours of the original airing. (No more waiting for the DVD of the whole season to be released)
If you aren’t into watching an edited Game of Thrones, you can just watch it as is or not watch it all together. In fact, the idea of an edited Game of Thrones is pretty controversial.

How Do You Watch Game of Thrones with VidAngel?

VidAngel went through a structure reformat what not allows you to access filtered content for a low monthly fee, rather than the buy now/sell back model. That model was great for “renting” movies, but it added up quickly for binge watchers.
The VidAngel works now is you connect the streaming services you love and access them through the VidAngel portal. This allows you to edit out objectionable content from tons of TV shows and movies available on Amazon and Netflix. In order to watch Game of Thrones with VidAngel, you’ll need an Amazon Channels membership for HBO.

What Else Can I Watch With VidAngel?

Maybe Game of Thrones still isn’t for you. That’s cool, there are a ton of great movies and shows to watch. I have been using my Netflix connection to introduce my kids to The Office and Parks and Recreation. These shows are pretty mild, but there is some more mature subject matter they aren’t ready for. It is also great to rent La La Land on Amazon for date night and use VidAngel to filter out that F-Word.


They add a bunch of devices that you can stream from now: