If I have one food weakness, it is donuts. Regrettably I actually have many food weaknesses. Even though I have lost 45 pounds since April, I am declaring this Saturday a #CheatDay. It’s “Talk Like a Pirate Day” and that means Krispie Kreme is giving out a dozen free donuts if you show up in pirate attire. Kristie has all the details and some great ideas to make the day fun for you and the family.
Pirate Hat Tutorial for Talk Like A Pirate Day
Using the download below cut out three Pirate hat images. Using Zots Glue Dots attach your three sided hat at the ends. I liked attaching the back pieces last to fit my child’s head perfectly. Using this Silhouette Design make a Skull and Cross Bones. I bought this design years ago for my son’s Peter Pan Party. Trust me it won’t be the last time you use it. Glue your Skull and Cross Bones to the front of your hat and your little pirate is ready to collect his pirate booty.


To see more sweet pictures of our kids, the rules for free donuts, and some other great pirate costume ideas check out Kristie’s blog, OurKerrazyAdventure.com.

Talk Like a Pirate Day, Hat Tutorial, & Free Donuts! Pintrest