There isn’t a lot out in the theaters this week. Unless you are excited to see the sequel to The Maze Runner, why not stay in and watch this new classic. It comes out on Amazon today and if you order it right now, it will be there in time for a date night in. (other date night ideas)

“WHAT’S IT ABOUT: Kenneth Branagh directs this live-action Disney adaptation of the classic fairy tale.

IS IT ANY GOOD? (GRADE: A) This wholly-satisfying rendition of the classic fable isn’t a radical re-imagining like last year’s Maleficent; instead, Cinderella is a straightforward retelling, but it’s told remarkably well. What director Kenneth Branagh, screenwriter Chris Weitz, and the excellent cast (which includes Lily James, Cate Blanchett, and Helena Bonham-Carter) have done is create real characters out of one-dimensional fairy-tale archetypes. If you’ll pardon the comparison, this film does for Cinderella what Casino Royale and Batman Begins did for 007 and the Dark Knight: it stays true to the characters and universe while making them imminently more interesting. I’m not a princess movie groupie by any means, and I loved this film

For all the impressive visuals (if the wardrobe and production design don’t win Oscars I’ll be shocked), what registers most is that the audience is made to care deeply about these people. They’re humanized and fleshed out so marvelously that the romance, the humor, the heartache, and the happily-ever-after all ring wonderfully true. This new Cinderella is the best version of this story I’ve ever seen put on film, and will win over all but the most cynical of viewers.
Note: Cinderella is preceded by an animated short, Frozen Forever.While it does little to advance the characters from Frozen and is essentially just a victory lap, it’s a fun victory lap that fans will go nuts for.”
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I love that my daughter has really gotten into Princesses. I also love that my wife is extremely talented. She made this awesome Cinderella dress and even provides you with the tutorial on how to make it yourself. Make sure to subscribe to her blog so you can she when she posts about the tea party they had together. (It will melt your heart)
“Back in March I wanted to make my sweet little Georgiana a Cinderella costume. The new movie had just come out and I wanted to expand her dress up options. Georgiana loved playing dress up with her cousin when we were in California. I was almost done with the dress. I just had to add the Velcro and butterflies. But she cried every time I brought out her dress to try it on her. She wouldn’t have anything to do with it. I wasn’t going to make her. So it sat in my material pile for months. I was cleaning out my craft room on Saturday when I found it. A couple months ago I made a play list on Spotify with her favorite Disney songs. (Her play list also includes “Everything is Awesome” and “Dark Lord Funk”) Slowly I have been adding songs. She is learning what princess and what songs go together. And she has learned about Cinderella. I asked her if she wanted to try on a Cinderella dress and she couldn’t get her shirt off fast enough.”
Get the full tutorial with step by step visual directions over at Kristie’s blog,
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