General Conference Listen My beautiful wife shares some of our General Conference traditions. She has started a blog of her own sharing her side of the story when it comes to how she experiences this Mormon life. You can also read my General Conference post from last year. I LOVE traditions! And I love General Conference. Every 1st weekend of April and October a General Conference is held where our dear prophet and other church leaders speak to us. And I truly believe that Thomas S. Monson is a real prophet who speaks for The Lord. Like Noah or Abraham of old. It is a great weekend to get answers to struggles or personal revelation on how we can better come unto Christ. It’s always inspiring. I always feel the spirit. And everyone is welcomed to listen. They have two general sessions on Saturday and two sessions on Sunday. There is also a Priesthood session Saturday night. Always fun to see the Conference quotes on Pinterest after a session. Love that we can have reminders in our home after conference is over to help us remember the great things we learned.
Our Traditions:
We call it Pajama Church. You can go to a church building to watch it, but personally our family loves to lounge around in our jammies while we feel the spirit.
Saturday Morning Dad goes and gets donuts. It keeps it simple and fun.
Conference Bingo. My husband and sons love to put a “fuzzy” on a square when someone mentions faith, pioneers, temples, or whatever. I find it really helps them listen.
Conference Packets. It takes some prep but it’s totally worth it. (Read her full article)