Two years ago this week I was with my little girl in the NICU wondering if she would come home. I remember the day I gave her a blessing, and the day she finally came home.
That wasn’t the end of her challenges and three months ago I shared them in the blog. Then everything changed and every week she was progressing and hitting new milestones. I have been meaning to take some time and share an update of her progress and I thought her second birthday would be the perfect time to do it. Then my wife scooped me and shared the most beautiful letter to our Ginger that said everything that was in my heart.
“…And then a miracle happened. During our last week in California the doctors called with her blood work test results (they had taken over 8 weeks to obtain the results) and I was simply told you didn’t have Osteropetrosis. I couldn’t believe it. I was just overcome with gratitude. I don’t know if you were misdiagnosed or healed. I am not going to rule out that you were healed because you had so many indicators that you did have Osteopetrosis. And miracles happen. Ever since you were in the NICU there were so many praying for you. So many who learned to love you even though they hadn’t even met you yet. There were so many fasting for you and putting your name in the temple so they could pray for you. So many, of all different faiths, praying on your behalf. I am so thankful for all those who loved you and prayed for you and us. So thankful for all those who supported us during this hard time. And it was a hard time, but it was also wonderful because we had you.
You my sweet daughter have helped me rely and come unto my Savior is such a strong way. I wish you didn’t have to endure such pain and hardship during your first year. But I wouldn’t want to change it. You made our family better. Daddy and I grew closer. You helped each of us grow closer together and closer to our Savior. I love hearing the prayers of Draco that he will still thank our Heavenly Father for letting you stay with us. I see the way your brothers protect and treat you and I know they must know how special you are. I see such a strong spirit in you. Stronger and braver than me. I see that even though you are two you have a testimony. You love our Savior. I can see it on your face when you see a picture of Him. I can see it when you take the sacrament so reverently and then sign “Jesus” because you know what the bread and water symbolize. I can see your faith in prayer as you fold your arms and pray yourself. You know prayer is important. You have been so good during prayers for over a year. I see the joy you have when you see a temple and you burst into song and sing “I love to see the Temple.” I know you have a testimony that families can be together.
And you haven’t just blessed our lives. I see the impact of so many who love and adore you. They ask about you and remember you still. You are a very special spirit. And I love that you always let your light shine. I know you will continue to help others and be an example in our family. And my heart has grown for the many other babies who are dealing with this very terrible disease. I am so thankful we can pray for Baby Ruthie and Baby Logan. I haven’t wanted to leave the support group on Facebook because my heart goes out to those dear families and their strong babies. I care about them and their babies…”
You can read the full letter on Kristie’s Blog, Our Kerrazy Adventure.