I promised my wife three things to get her to marry me. I’d take her on the mission I talked her out of, we would take dance lessons, and we would have to match Halloween costumes every year. In case you haven’t been reading here long, my wife is super talented! Most of our costumes she makes. Check out our theme this year.
Our family LOVES to dress up for Halloween. And to my pure delight my kids still cooperate with a family theme. I thought for sure they would stop like 5 years ago, but it doesn’t even cross their minds that we could not match. I think it helps that we pick our theme together and plan at least 10 months in advance. I am already buying material in August before costume catalogs come out. I am excited to announce that this year we chose Return of the Jedi. You may remember from Halloweens Past Grady and I have already done this theme. But like leopard print, Star Wars is timeless. My boys are really excited for the new movie to come out this December. We debated a bit on which movie to choose but decided on Return of the Jedi, my personal favorite. I am sure we will do Star Wars again. Next time I am preggers I would love to do pregnant Padme.
Let’s start with Yoda’s (his blog moniker) costume. Surprisingly he didn’t want to be Yoda. I thought he would make a perfect Luke. He is brave and would never turn to the Dark Side. Even if his father told him to. His costume was pretty easy. He already had some black pants for church. We hit up Goodwill and found that shirt for $3. I love shopping at thrift stores first to try and find parts of our costumes. It’s cheaper and saves me the time of having to sew everything. Making 6 costumes can take some time. And the best part was when we got to the register his shirt was 1/2 off because that color price tag was on sale that day. I had leftover material from Gandalf’s Tin Man’s Costume from 2009 to make his silver triangle. Sometimes it pays to hoard things.
Guest Post 2015 Kerr Family Halloween Theme & Super Easy Luke Skywalker Costume- May The Force Be With You
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