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My maternal grandfather was supposed to be a fighter pilot during World War II until he started eliminating the wrong targets during training.  Turns out that although he had excellent vision, he was color blind and could not distinguish between red targets and green friendlies!  I was lucky enough it get his keen eyesight, yet also his colorblindness.  I really don’t need glasses except for at night to enhance my depth perception, but they aren’t requisite.
IMG_8083   My son Garren on the other hand got my fraternal grandfather’s vision and he is blind as a bad we learned a few years ago.  We took him to the optometrist and got his first pair of glasses.  He looked pretty good.  About this same time we learned that Garren also has Asperger’s Syndrome.  We wrote a little more about that here.  Part of the behaviors associated with Asperger’s is difficulty in certain social or environmental situations.  When Garren was having a hard time he would cope by pulling his glasses frames.

6.8.11 213   After the first pair snapped we found that although insurance covered the first pair, we were on our own for the second.  Our optometrist wanted over a hundred dollars just for frames alone.  That pair lasted a few weeks and then he busted another pair.  We decided to go with a more flexible style which costs us even more since we needed new lenses.  Those lasted a month and we gave him a glasses break.  He was in kindergarten at this time and his kind loving teacher informed us Garren’s behavior was worsening as a result because he could no longer see the board.  We were stuck between a rock and a hard place.  We wanted him to see and do well in school, but we couldn’t afford spending over a hundred dollars on new glasses every month or so.  She mentioned online sites like

Garren Mirror

It was such an awesome blessing to us.  They had all sorts of styles to choose from, and so much more that our optometrists office!  They have a feature called Virtual Mirror where you upload an image of yourself, then you can try on every pair of glasses they carry.  Garren had the best time picking out his own glasses.  Some were a little silly for him and he would laugh and laugh.  The least expensive was $38, but they had a Buy One, Get One Free Sale going on so we pick a 2nd style. (Still going on, Coupon Code: BOGO2013)

Garren Glasses

Garren’s new glasses showed up a few days later and they looked great on him!  We have had to do a few reorders as he learned to apply more positive coping tools.  We found it effective to wait for a sale (there is almost always one going on) and order a couple pairs.  It came in real handy too!  A boy thought it would be funny to through his glasses in the trash can, and we were not able to find them.  Luckily we had a back up pair because the next day was his Orange County Mormon Choral Organization concert in from of a crowd of 1,500 people and there is no way he would have been able to see the conductor, let alone his Mom blowing kisses from the audience!
Me Mirror   I am considering getting myself a new pair they have another neat tool called a Frame Finding Wizard were you answer personality questions and it finds the perfect frames to match your personal style.  What do you guys think of the frames they picked out for me?  Let me know because I want to order them before to 50% off Plus Free Shipping sales ends!
If you are reading this after the sale ends Coupon Code: NOLIMIT25FS will at least get you 25% off Plus Free Shipping or FBOFFER75 will get you 75% off your First Order.
We wanted to let you know in full disclosure we are affiliates for GlassesUSA and we get a small commission  for every pair of glasses you buy.  We are big fans of them though, and I didn’t apply to be an affiliate until after I found out how great they were.  If you don’t need glasses, but love the Blog here is some other ways you can help support us and keep the reviews coming!