There is a special someone in the audience tonight that I have never met, but she has cancer and my prayer is to give her the gift of faith. 
Giving the Gift of Faith Through Music- East Valley Millennial Choir
Tonight is East Valley Millennial Choirs & Orchestra’s presentation of “Rejoice.” One of my co-workers is bringing her mother. Her mother has stage [some bad number] cancer and this will probably be one of her last concert experiences. My desire is to make sure that as she is faces the end of mortality, she given the gift of faith & the comfort of knowing that Christ is her Savior.
I love performing and I always try to find someone in the audience to sing to. I have sat near my friend for a few months as she talked about her mother coming into their home and starting hospice care. I helped her look for places to rent on the beach for a family vacation. Then I learned that my friend was bringing her mother to my concert.
While I am pretty prideful at times, I know my freind’s mother isn’t there for me. Regardless, I take the responsibility to make this a blessed experience personally.
Post Concert Update:
It was wonderful singing tonight. I tried to bear testimony as I sang, “Christ is come with love and healing.” I wanted my friends mom to know that He was born for for you. That He saves. That when she departs this earth she can be comforted; confident that He will be there to comfort her and that feeling of his embrace will be familiar as she remembers it as the feeling she had this night.
My hope is for her to have the gift of faith “that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and that he was crucified for the sins of the world” (D&C 46:13) Based on the character of my co-worker, I have to assume that her mother is a woman or faith, but trials can test us.
As tears streamed down my face singing of “death’s dark shadows put to flight” I just want her to know, you do not have to be afraid!