If you have ever read any of our Music Reviews, you know that we love good music.  What you might not know is that in my day job I’m a window cleaner.  Sometimes I am on a long job and want some music to keep me entertained.  I am real big on being professional, and there is just a negative connotation with a serviceman with headphones on. It just makes me think of Sid (The Trash Guy) in Toy Story 3 banging mail boxes and trash cans.
  So a weeks ago I bought an A2DP Bluetooth Headset.  That is a wireless headset that lets you listen to music.  I chose the gblue C5. It looks and acts like regular Bluetooth headset, so I look like a professional.  It also plays music so I can keep up my pace and listen to music, review General Conference, or enjoy the latest edition of The Cultural Hall Podcast.
   The headset works great.  One of my favorite features is that it comes with a plug in headphone, so you can use it in both ears. (for when I’m off the clock.)  It was charged and ready to go right out of the box, and I was able to pair it pretty easily and use the buttons to switch songs.  It can also be used for phone calls.  Answering and redial was simple, but I could not get it to activate Siri, like on my other headsets.   
   The few buttons do multiple tasks so you will need to read the manual, and the audio quality is not the finest, but at under $16 you certainly get more than you paid for!
   The gblue C5 is available on eBay for $15.98 shipped, but similar styles are also on Amazon.