In the past three years, the Church has launched Easter and Christmas Initiatives to help us remember the Savior. This year’s Easter Video focuses on Follow Him with #Hallelujah.

Follow Him (#Hallejujah)

This Easter Video features individuals sharing testimony of the new life that is found is Jesus Christ. Additionally, they share photos of loved ones and the hope they find in the promise that they live again, Halleluiah! In the build up to Easter week, there was also a virtual choir created to sing with Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. (See my video submission) The site has all sorts of Easter Messages as well.

Because He Lives

Last year the Easter Video focused on the reality that Jesus Christ Lives, and because He lives we can reach out, call out, or cry out and He can hear us. No matter who we are or what our situation. He is not in the tomb, He is with us.

Because of Him

The Easter Video that started it all. I must say, that this is probably my favorite. Maybe because when it launched in 2014, it was unlike any video ever produced by the LDS Church. Because of Him shares monumental advances in technology and the
Because of Him shares monumental advances in technology and the impact they have had on our lives. The most impactful moment was the message;

Because of Him… we can start again… and again… and again

It resonated with me because I know a second change just isn’t enough. One of Satan’s favorite tools is to make us feel like the Atonement is out of reach. He wants us to feel like he have sinned too much, bee too wicked, failed too many times. This is a lie!
Be inspired and take hope in the Atonement in Resurrection of Jesus Christ as you watch this Easter Video.

Honorable Mention- None Were With Him

In 2009, Jeffrey R. Holland’s General Conference address “None Were with Him” was used to create a powerful Mormon Message. If you have ever wondered what the purpose is of Apostles, it is here. The purpose of Apostles is to testify of Jesus Christ and bring us to Him.
Favorite Easter Video- because Jesus walked