This was a lot harder to make than I thought!  I wanted them all to be Netflix, but to be honest these isn’t a ton of quality movies.  They have a bunch of cheesy, ABC Family, Hallmark Channel, mediocre TV Specials, but I searched and scoured and found these rare gems!

   If you aren’t a Netflix subscriber yet, you can try it out with our free Christmas Trial Offer!  Try out these movies and if you didn’t love them, just cancel.  Or check out some other family friendly films on Netflix.

   The Nightmare Before Christmas: Although it also doubles as one of my favorite Halloween movies.  The story of how Jack Skelington, tries to bring the joy and magic of Christmas to a land that has always known the fright of Halloween is heartwarming and enjoyable.

   Dreamworks Holiday Classics: Four Animated Shorts (about half hour each) that feature Christmas and Holiday stories about some of your favorite characters.  One of my favorite things Dreamworks has done for these is keep up the productions value.  The animations look just as great, and I am pretty all the original voice actors have returned.  I am still a little jaded from the sequels and specials Disney tried to pass off in my youth.  Return of Jafar was just shameful!

Kung Fu Panda Holiday: This film is along the lines as the other Dreamworks features.  The original cast is back too.  Some of the comments I saw seemed to take issue with the fact that they do not refer to it as Christmas, but as the Winter Holiday Feast.  I do feel like a lot of films are starting to stray from this, for take Christ out of Christmas.  But I am not really bothered here since story takes place is historic China.  A Christmas dinner would not be historically accurate.  Although some conspiracy theorists think Jesus did visit China.

   VeggieTales: St. Nicholas: A Story of Joyful Giving: I always love Veggie Tales movies because they don’t often shy away from Judeo-Christian themes taught in their stories.  Very often they even reference the Bible verses the stories come from.  In this tale we learn about the tale of St. Nicholas and his desire to show charity to those in need.  It is a little kiddied up from the original story similar to how their episode of King George and the Ducky teaches the principles of King David and Bathsheba.

   White Christmas:  Danny Kaye and Bing Crosby are in true form.  Most of their lines together they just made up as they went.  It is a great classic that brings us back to a day when actors where true artists who sing and dance without auto tune, or a bunch of quick edit jumps.  

Honorable Mention: Polar Express
One of our most loyal fans on our Facebook Page suggested Polar Express.  I haven’t seen it yet.  All I know about it is that the book is famous, some of the musical numbers that I sang with the Mormon Choral Organization, and that every adult character is voiced by Tom Hanks.  Also that everyone who has seen it, loved it.  It is going to be on my Instant Queue and it should be on yours too!