A Christ-Centered Life is the lesson for this week on the Third Hour of Power. It is Chapter 24 from the Ezra Taft Benson Manual
When someone thinks of you, would they say you are living A Christ-Centered Life? What does it mean to live A Christ-Centered Life? President Benson said that, “the best measure of true greatness is how Christlike we are.” Being the week that we celebrate Christmas, it is only fitting that our lesson focuses on how to me more like him. Christmas is a perfect time for reflection. We have been seeing daily messages from Mormon.org that help us to remember the reason for this time of year via a gif-styled advent calendar. Let’s learn of him and resolve to be more like him in the coming year.

This week Grady is joined by his wife Kristie, of OurKerrazyAdventure.com. She had been sharing a whole bunch of fun activities we have been doing as a family and even some fun Star Wars DIY crafts you can do yourself. Grady just finished the semester at BYU-Idaho Online, but has also been trying to live A Christ-Centered Life and be more kind. This month he has been thinking about What Could Be My Gift to Christ?.

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Opening Hymn: Carol of the Bells
Closing Hymn: Hark! the Herald Angels Sing