Strengthen Thy Stakes is the lesson for this week on the Third Hour of Power. It is Chapter 23 from the Ezra Taft Benson Manual
We no longer gather together in Zion as we did when the church was founded. Now we gather where we are and follow the commandment to Strengthen Thy Stakes. This message has been reinforced as we have been counselled by President Uchtdorf to “Bloom where you are planted” or “Lift where you stand.” To help with this effort, President Hinckley created the Perpetual Education Fund in 2011. It is meant to help members of other countries to gain an education to better their local congregations. Missions outside of the United States are more and more often being served by Elders and Sisters from that country. What have you done to help better your community of saints?

Grady is joined this week by Garry Boyle, author of A Loving Letter from God: Your Patriarchal Blessing. It is available on Amazon, and it is a great gift any youth preparing to get their Patriarchal Blessing or if you want to have more insight into your own. Grady is inviting other Mormon Bloggers to join him for his Latter-day Linkup.  Being December, the theme this month is What Shall We Give?

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Opening Hymn: O Holy Night
Closing Hymn: I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day