Are you nervous about holding a First Sunday Council Meeting? Have you been holding them and they aren’t going as you hoped? We are here to help.

A new change to the 2018 Come, Follow Me Curriculum for Melchizedek Priesthood and Relief Society classes is the addition of a First Sunday Council Meeting. This is a departure from the old way of having a lesson selected at the Presidency’s discretion. If you aren’t careful, you might fall right back into that old way.

I invited Kurt Francom of Leading LDS to join us because he recently shared 6 Tips for First Sunday Council Meetings. We expound of each of his points and how you can incorporate them to lead an effective First Sunday Council Meeting. Kurt mentions a helpful resource called 7 Unbreakable Rules of Church Meetings.

For reference the 6 tips are:

  1. No lessons, videos, quotes, talks, or books
  2. Set Rules & Expectations
  3. You need a clear vision statement
  4. Obsess over the room setup
  5. Send topics ahead of time
  6. Stimulate debate

Are you looking for additional resources on how to lead a council? I’d recommend Elder Ballard’s book, “Counseling With Our Councils”. You can get it on Amazon or subscribers can read or listen to it for free on BookshelfPlus by Deseret Book.

If you are looking for more way to improve your teaching skills, Kurt will have a virtual summit coming up called, “Teaching Saints.” Keep an eye out for it.

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