Deseret Book has just launched a new enhancement to their audiobook app, Bookshelf Plus.

Deseret Bookshelf Plus is Your New Audiobook App- Free Trial
Bookshelf Plus is the new subscription service from Deseret Book. Rather than purchasing audio and ebooks ala carte, this subscription service gets your unlimited access to hundreds of titles! Downloading the Deseret Bookshelf app allows you to take your reading on the go! I have been using the service for about a month and I wanted to share some of my experiences.


Deseret Bookshelf Plus is Your New Audiobook App- Get More From Your Drive
I have been listening to podcasts and audiobooks lately, but I have been wanting to have something more spiritual. My drive to work is about 20 minutes each way. That means I have 40 minutes each day to spend time on bettering myself. Think about how much time you spend in the car; going to work, taking the kids places, running errands.
I have been blowing through John Bytheway books and talks. One of my favorites so far was “Behind Every Good Man”. It is directed to wives to help them know how to help their husbands grow, progress, and be a priesthood leader in the home. Sure, I’m not a wife; but it helped me better understand the confidence that my wife had in me when she chose me as her companion for Eternity.

Communication skills are great, but they are no substitute for Christlike Attributes
-John Bytheway

Deseret Bookshelf Plus is Your New Audiobook App- Audiobooks
Not only am I benefiting from these audiobooks, but those who are riding in the car with me are as well. Me and my 11-year-old have been listening to “The Best Three Hours of the Week”. Garren is having a tough time wanting to go to church right now, but this recording is helping. He is paying better attending to the speakers (sometimes) and he is better understanding the Sabbath day. Last week he asked if he could write a thank you note to the speaker in sacrament meeting. This is a suggestion pulled from John Bytheway’s book! He said he listen to Sister Davis share her message and he really felt the spirit.
I was so excited, but only because Garren is getting more from Church, but because Sister Davis was one of my Primary kids when she was 8 years old! When Garren was 1, I never would have imagined this exchange.

The best part about Bookshelf Plus is that you can listen to as many audiobooks as you want! You aren’t limited to one book a month and there are no credits to wait to reload. You get instant access to over 500 audiobooks with Bookshelf Plus. Plus, unlike other audiobook tools out there, you also get access to ebooks too!


Deseret Bookshelf Plus is Your New Audiobook App- eBooks
The ebooks in the Deseret Bookshelf Plus library have been a lifesaver! When we do family scripture study with the kids each night we use the “…For Latter-day Saint Families” edition. They are great when you have kids because the print is large, there are beautiful images, and an expanded footnotes section with word meanings and words from latter-day leaders.
We just finished the New Testament and are going back to “The Book of Mormon for Latter-day Saint Families”. With young kids, books have a tough time. My wife has done a great job in raising readers. They love to read, but you couldn’t tell by how they treat them.
When we got out the Book of Mormon again to read as a family it was pretty thrashed. The first several chapters of 1 Nephi were missing. I asked if someone let Martin Harris borrow them. Their laugh helped me to know their Primary teachers are doing a good job; since that was the lesson from a few weeks ago.
Lucky for us, “The Book of Mormon for Latter-day Families” is available on Deseret Bookshelf Plus! I quickly downloaded it for my phone and we were off reading about Nephi being born of goodly parents and asking the thought-provoking discussion questions in the footnotes!

30 Free Trial

Deseret Bookshelf Plus is an amazing value. There is a 30-day free trial and after that, it is as low as $6.99 a month! I pay twice that for similar service and I only get one audiobook a month. With Bookshelf Plus you get unlimited access to the library of hundreds of audiobooks and ebooks. Even if you consume one book a month, you will be saving money with the Bookshelf Plus app.
It is a great tool for book clubs, people on the go, or the digital bookworm who is tired of buying books all the time. I highly recommend you check out the trial and start listening and start getting uplifted.
Deseret Bookshelf Plus is Your New Audiobook App- Free Trial

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