Elder Archuleta singing with the MTC Choir at General Conference

   There is a rumor that has been prevalent that in Mormon culture that certain famous LDS personalities have been told they are exempt the commandment to serve a 2 year mission because their celebrity can do more for the Church than if the were to service a mission.

Do you even know
what team I play for now?

I really have a hard time with this school of thought.  I don’t take issue with the fact that these young men chose not to serve missions.  The call to be a missionary is sacred and personal.  I have many friends who chose not to serve missions and are great priesthood leaders today, and I love them.  

   My issue is when people argue that fame makes you exempt from serving a mission.  


   Which is why I was a proud of David Archuleta and his choice to serve a mission.  Below is his public announcement of his choice to serve.  You can tell it is a choice that he has seriously considered.  

   One of my favorite things about this video is the reaction from the audience.  How excited they are for him.  It was my reaction as well.

   David entered the MTC on Wednesday, and before he left he posted a final video for his fan talking about his desire to grow closer to God.

   The funny thing about this post is that I am not even a David Archuleta fan.  I just really respect his choice to serve a mission.  Consider who is doing more good for the Church between David, or any recent famous people who felt being famous was their mission.  David has shown all his fans that his faith is more important to him.  More important than fame or a career.  The example he is setting to all young men who are considering a mission could help them prepare to serve. 

  In the end I feel David will have more of an impact on the Church than any Mormon who chose not to serve in the past 5 years. But this Mormon Message from Elder Andersen says it best.