As a Father’s Day gift to Dads, I have a Dad Life Hack to make dinner easy. Just grab a cereal, like Golden Grahams, and enjoy!

Dad Life Hack for an Easy Dinner- Cereal! Tall

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for your body, but dinner can be the most important meal for your family. When your wife have something going on in the evening, this Dad Life Hack can make you a real hero. Basically, I just feed the kids cereal for dinner.

It sounds pretty easy, and it is! I love tasty cereals like Golden Grahams. I always grab a box of “fun” cereal when I am at the grocery store. If fact my daughter and wife were at the grocery store and she asked my wife, “Can we get some ‘fun’ cereal?” My wife told her we already had cereal at the house. My clever 3-year-old responded, “that’s okay, I’ll just ask Dad the next time he takes me to the grocery store.”

Dad Life Hack for an Easy Dinner- Cereal! Gavin

When my wife, Kristie, has places to be and puts me in charge for dinner I let the kids choose what we have for dinner. (I am a pretty good cook,) Sometimes we have pizza, chicken strips, or burgers. But when I’ve had a busy day and they choose to go with a cereal bar. We just pull out a whole bunch of cereals and then we talk about how our day’s went.

Dad Life Hack for an Easy Dinner- Cereal! Milk

The question we would ask our kids since they were toddlers was, “what was your favorite things today?” Now, ten years later, they are trained to ask each other the question. It makes for great dinner conversation. Everyone has a change to share what makes them happy and we ask lots of follow up questions.

More than just breakfast (or dinner)

Dad Life Hack for an Easy Dinner- Cereal! Grady Snack

Golden Grahams are good for more than just a meal. I love just grabbing a handful for a quick snack. What is even better though, is baking them into some amazing treats.

Betty Crocker has some delicious recipes on their site that you can make as a Father’s Day treat for any Dad in your life.