#LightTheWorld Google Calendar Content Creators

Are you creating content for #LightTheWorld? Add it to our #LightTheWorld Google Calendar.

I love that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is helping to spread the Light of Christ during Christmas. To help people discover how they can be the Light of the World this year, we created a #LightTheWorld Google Calendar.

Each day during #LightTheWorld, we will be featuring content that matched the prompt for that day. Since it is on Google, people can add it to their calendar tool and be able to see on #LightTheWorld content for the day at a moment’s glance. You can see the calendar so far below:

If you have Content that you would like to add, we can make you a calendar editor. Simply fill out the form below and we will send you an invite.

[et_success_form_inline optin_id=optin_3]

To add content, go to the day you have content for. Edit the Description for the calendar item by adding your resource at the bottom of the list of additional resources. Include,

  • Created By: [Blog Name]
  • What You’ll Find: [Brief Summary of the content]
  • Link: [URL where the content lives]

We will have an accompanying blog post that we will be sharing for readers with instruction on how they can use the calendar to #LightTheWorld.

Do’s and Don’ts about using the #LightTheWorld Google Calendar

  • Do add content that applies to the specific day you are adding to
  • Don’t spam a link to your general #LightTheWorld blog post
  • Do add content that inspires, gives an example, or a how to act according to that day’s prompt
  • Don’t feel pressure to add all new blog content, you might have an older post that is a perfect fit
  • Do act Christlike as we are working to #LightTheWorld
  • Don’t cut in line, add your content below any existing content. Post Early!
  • Do share the calendar with your audiences, they will thank you for sharing this great content to help them #LightTheWorld
  • Don’t leech page views by relying on other content creators who are sharing with their audiences
  • Do reach out if you have any questions, I am super glad to help and there is a chat button in the corner of the site
  • Don’t edit something if you are unsure and risk messing something up (just email me your content and I’ll add it)

I am excited to see all the ways you will #LightTheWorld this Christmas.