We have a few youth in the ward who watch our children on occasion. They are all wonderful, but there is one that our Gavin loves!
I don’t know what it is that caused the connection, but I can only assume it is because he knows she loves him. Gavin will often ask if Kristie and I can go on a date so his “friend” can come over.

A few weeks ago Kristie was home ill and I had the four kids on my own at Sacrament Meeting. At one point Gavin asked, “Can I go sit with my friend?” She happened to be right in front of us, so I obliged. I looked over later and Gavin having a great time doing a puzzle with his “friend’s” aunt who has special needs. I asked him after the meeting where he learned to be so kind to people. He just gave a grin, pointed up towards Heaven, and scurried off to Primary. IMG_1179 (2)
It is said that children are taught to hate others who are different than us. They see intolerance portrayed by others, messages in media, and even direct indoctrination.
Luckily, children can also be taught to Love. Children learn from their Primary Teachers, Parents, Siblings, and Friends. Most importantly though, little children learn from the Spirit. The veil is thin for these little souls. It is so important that we use this time to nurture their pure intentions.