Even More Things Toy Story and The Walking Dead Have in Common

   We originally posted this last week, but there are even more now so we added them and reposted it! It seems like most great things from the internet seem to source from places like Reddit and 4Chan.  Then

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Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures – Blu-ray Release & Giveaway

The team over at My Film Addiction are having a great giveaway for the Indiana Jones Movie Collection. It is a must for any DVD Collection. Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures Blu-ray Giveaway The beloved Indiana Jones franchise is set for

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Batman- The Dark Knight Rises (2012): Mormon Movie Review

Quality:  My initial perceptions of "The Dark Knight Rises" were not that high from the beginning of production. First off I hated the name.  It was a very unoriginal title that seemed to try and rekindle the firestorm that was "The Dark Knight."

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