It is time for the April 2016 General Conference. We will be live tweeting during sessions and we want to share our post session thoughts with you.

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[nextpage title=”Women’s Session”]The main theme during the Women’s Session of the April 2016 General Conference seemed to revolve around the new #IwasaStranger initiative that the Relief Society is championing.

Cheryl A. Esplin

April 2016 General Conference- Cheryl A. Esplin Womens Conference
Sister Esplin shared a great moment where there was a supplemental video when she asked us to throw away the mirror and look out the window. We can see so much more when we are looking outside ourselves for meaningful ways to serve.

Neill F. Marriott

April 2016 General Conference Wrap Up- Sister Marriott Womens Session
Sister Marriott was a convert to the church. She shared about how when she was married she drove to a new place with her new family and her new Aunt Carol took her in arms and make her instantly feel like family.

Linda K. Burton

April 2016 General Conference Wrap Up- Sister Burton Womens Session
Sister Burton solidified the theme being mentioned in the messages that were being presented before her. That we are taking an official stance of love and service toward the displaced refugees that are in our neighborhoods and communities. We even made a fun shirt that you can get to represent the #IwasaStranger movement.

Henry B. Eyring

April 2016 General Conference Wrap Up- Eyring Womens Session
President Eyring rounded out the session with the admonition that we go and serve. He spoke about the Spirit that we felt during the meeting and that we need to take that Spirit and make a commitment to now serve as the Savior would have.
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[nextpage title=”Saturday Morning Session”]

Henry B. Eyring

April 2016 General Conference- Eyring Saturday Morning
President Eyring spoke about those who are losing the feeling of love that comes from God. He referenced two letters of individuals going through this. His message for them was also the message for us. He prayed that our hearts would be softened.

Mary R. Durham

April 2016 General Conference- Durham Saturday Morning
I was impressed with Sister Durham’s message of the faith of little children. It made me want to make sure I was doing all I can to help my children learn to hear, recognize, and act on the Spirit.

Donald L. Hallstrom

April 2016 General Conference- Hallstrom Saturday Morning
A great moment in Elder Halstrom’s talk was when he spoke about a trip to Africa with Elder Bednar. It was great learning about their culture of devotion, call and response, and the group reciting of scripture. He then told of when Elder Bednar stopped his remarks and asked, “Do you know ‘How Firm a Foundation?” They sang it together and added verse 7. “I will not, I cannot, desert to His foes.”
If you were impressed with this message like we were, you might like this simple shirt we made.

Gary E. Stevenson

April 2016 General Conference- Stevenson Saturday Morning
Elder Stevenson began his remarks talking about keys he had lost. My bright son then said, “It’s going to be on the keys of the Priesthood!” My Garren sees through all analogies at General Conference. Elder Stevenson also remarked about preparing youth for mission service.

Kevin R. Duncan

April 2016 General Conference- Duncan Saturday Morning
When I posted this photo on Twitter though they would be clever and RT saying “said by a white male… must apply to the afterlife…” Now, it appears he was being snarky and referring to Blacks and the Preisthood and maybe even sisters and the Priesthood. As I thought of how to respond I realized, he is absolutley right. So I replied, “of course it does!”
We will not always find resitiution in this life, but we are promised that all will be made well with us if we remain faithful in the life to come.

Steven E. Snow

April 2016 General Conference- Snow Saturday Morning
Have you ever said “sorry” even though you didn’t think you were necessarily wrong? I have learned that a big part of humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less. Rather than focus on being right, think of how your actions have impacted the other person. When I think that something I have done has made my wife or children feel sorroeful, it is easy to “sorry.”
Dale G. Renlund
April 2016 General Conference- Renlund Saturday Morning
Elder Renlund shared an experience where his wife was missed during the passing of the sacrament. The kind Branch President asked a Preisthood holder to set aside bread and water and bless it again she sould partake. As she say the emblems blessed just her her, she realized that He, the Savior, did this just for me.
Elder Renlund also said, “If life were truly fair, you and I would never be resurrected; you and I would never be able to stand clean before God.”
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[nextpage title=”Saturday Afternoon Session”]

The Sustaining of Church Officers

The Vote Has Been Noted
During the sustaining of Church officers we had the seemingly traditional airing of grievances as if it was Festivus. It sounded like only one person shouting for opposition. It seemed to really rattle President Uchtdorf. It really made me upset. Additionally it upset my kids. They could not understand why someone would go to conference to oppose the Prophet. Frankly, neither do I.
This image got a lot of love (and hate) on Instagram.

Ronald A. Rasband

April 2016 General Conference- Rasband Saturday Afternoon
I was in a conversation about questioning with some of the contributors to This Week in Mormons yesterday. My response was, there are two ways to go about “questioning.”
Option 1: “Heavenly Father, is what the Elder Oaks taught in #LDSconf your will?” (Yes, I pray in hashtags)
Option 2: “Social Media, I question if what Elder Oaks taught in General Conference is God’s will. Read my article where I tell you why it isn’t.” (No, I don’t use hashtags in social media)

Neil L. Andersen

April 2016 General Conference- Andersen Saturday Afternoon
I was touched as Elder Andersen reminded us that not every child lives in the traditional nuclear family. I was sitting in my living room with my wife and her little sister who are children of divorced parents. His whole theme was to reach out to those who feel on the outside and make them feel welcome, learn their names.
Often the leaders of wayard youth feel the need to be the friend who gives rides, invited to church and more. These are good, but Elder Andersen said, “The greatest influence on helping our youth feel included is other righteous youth.” Show love to those you serve, but invitations made by other youth can do so much more.
After hearing Elder Andersen I challenge you to greet someone by name next Sunday. If you don’t know their name, ask!

Mervyn B. Arnold

April 2016 General Conference- Arnold Saturday Afternoon
I have served on councils that love to deliberate, yet take little action. Elder Arnold spoke of how some well-meaning councils take weeks to put together a plan, all the while the family in need is waiting is suffering. I felt inspired to invite some Elder from my quorum to accompany me to Priesthood Session tonight.
Since posting this image on Facebook, it has been shared multiple times and seen by thousands! Thank you for those supporters. Tell me, what was it that cause this talk to resonate so much?

Jairo Mazzagardi

April 2016 General Conference- Mazzagardi Saturday Afternoon
Elder Mazzagardi spoke about his conversion to the Church and how God answers our prayers. He told us that is we have questions, don’t give up!

David A. Bednar

April 2016 General Conference- Bednar Saturday Afternoon
There was a lot of doctrine taught during Elder Bednar’s talk. He explained the need for Baptism of the Water and the Spirit and how we can be spiritually renewed.

M. Russell Ballard

April 2016 General Conference- Ballard Saturday Afternoon
This is one of the talks I’ll have to go back over a few times. Elder Ballard taught all about family councils. It was a bit of a continuation on his remarks on Ward Councils. He made it sound like the idea was new, but it was so familiar. Our past two Stake Conferences have been on Ward Councils, and I have been implementing those principles into how I lead my family.
Elder Ballard explained several types of family councils. A few had new names for things I was already doing. We already have one on one time with the kids, family planning meeting, etc. I am excited to go over this in more detail to better organize how I lead.
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[nextpage title=”Priesthood Session”]Russell M. Nelson

April 2016 General Conference- Nelson Priesthood
President pulled no punches when he spoke about the duties we have as holders of His Priesthood. He told the story of an operation he did here the little girls did not survive. He felt their longing to be sealed to their parents and sought out the remaining family.
I have been concerened about the complacentcy of Elders in the Church. “I fear there are too many men who have been given the authority of the priesthood, but lack the power of the priesthood.”

Stephen. W. Owen

April 2016 General Conference- Owen Priesthood
Brother Owen spoke on leadership and how Jesus Christ was the ultimate discple leader. We follow the Savior, but we also help to lead others to Him. “It is not enough for us just to come unto Christ; our duty now is to ‘invite all to come unto Christ.'”

Dieter F. Uchtdorf

April 2016 General Conference- Uchtdorf Priesthood
President Uchtdorf was is fine form with his mix of humor and loving rebuke. He spoke specifically to Husbands and Fathers for much of his comments. The real big moment was when he talked about Chewbacca.

“Every family has moments of awkwardness. Like when your parents ask you to take a selfie of them, or when your great-aunt insists that you are still single because you are just too picky, or when your opinionated brother-in-law thinks his political view is the gospel view, or when your dad arranges a family portrait with everyone dressed like characters in his favorite movie. And you get the Chewbacca costume. Families are like that.
“We may share the same gene pool, but we are not the same. We have unique spirits. We are influenced in different ways by our experiences. And each of us ends up different as a result. Rather than attempting to force everyone into a mold of our own making, we can choose to celebrate these differences and appreciate them for adding richness and constant surprises to our lives.”

Henry B. Eyring
April 2016 General Conference- Eyring Priesthood
We have lots focuses, programs, andinitiatives, but the ultimate porpose if our efforts should be to create Eternal Families. It is essential that we involve the Spirit in this work. “The only exhortation that changes hearts is from the Holy Ghost.”

Thomas S. Monson

April 2016 General Conference- Monson Priesthood
President Monson’s comments were very brief. His words were on encouragement for our divine purpose. “You are a child of promise. You are a man of might. You are a son of God.”
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[nextpage title=”Sunday Morning Session”]Thomas S. Monson

April 2016 General Conference- Monson Sunday Morning
President Monson announced four new temples. The temples will be built in Harare, Zimbabwe; Quito, Ecuador; Belém, Brazil; and Lima, Peru. Lima will be getting its second temple, the first one having been dedicated in 1986. President Monson’s remarks were brief, but he reference once of my favorite scenes in Alice in Wonderland. When Alice is asking which road to take with no destination in mine, the Chesire Cat responds, “”Then it doesn’t matter which way you go.” President Monson called it the “Chinese Cat” which was a bit of a “senior moment” I think.

Bonnie L. Oscarson

April 2016 General Conference- Oscarson Sunday Morning
Sister Oscarson told of a mother with a child in medical trouble. As she passed the temples of the Salt Lake area she thought of the possibility of losing her son and thought, “Do you believe it or not?”
This resonated with me because our family was in a similar situation with our daughter. The Church is more than just nice teachings, it is the restorded power to bind families forever.

W. Christopher Waddell

April 2016 General Conference- Waddell Sunday Morning
Our internet dropped out here, so we will have to get back to you, but the quote above really stood out to me.

D. Todd Christofferson

April 2016 General Conference- Christofferson Sunday Morning
As a complement to Elder Hollads talk on Motherhood last General Conference, Elder Christofferson spoke on Fatherhood. It was also a perfect follow up to his previous message Let Us Be Men.
Elder Christofferson spoke about how children needed fathers and called on media to portray fathers in a more positive light.

Quentin L. Cook

April 2016 General Conference- Quentin Sunday Morning
Elder Cook’s words were focused on going to the temple. She spoke about saints in Thailand preparing themselves to go to attend their upcoming temple. He advised us to see ourselves in the temple.
My wife’s little sister is in town and she went to the temple on Friday. She shared that she was attending the temple weekly. I was so impressed and a bit embarrassed that I had been taking the temple 5 miles from my front door for granted.

Deiter F. UchtdorfApril 2016 General Conference- Uchtdorf Sunday Morning

To help me feel better, President Uchtdorf spoke about the love of God for his children. He spoke about the love of God for his sheep because He is the Good Shepherd. That alone makes them worth of rescue. I thought those who were inactive and missing from meetings. Then I turned inward and remembered that I am worthy of rescue. He loves me, He knows me, and when I turn to him He can rescue me.
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[nextpage title=”Sunday Afternoon Session”]Robert D. Hales

April 2016 General Conference- Hales Sunday Afternoon

Elder hales keeps chugging along. He looks worse then he has recenty with a few sores on his scalp. (I photoshop’d them out) I hope he is okay. His message was such a reminder of with Christlike living is all about. He told us to listen to the Spirit.

Gerrit W. Gong

April 2016 General Conference- Gong Sunday Afternoon

A topic that I have had some experience with is showing forgiveness and finding the strength to be kind to those who don’t necessarily deserve it. When you feel like it is something you cannot do, the Atonement in infinite and can help you.

Patrick Kearon

April 2016 General Conference- Kearon Sunday Afternoon

There was a big emphasis during the women’s session of conference. Elder Kearon brought that message to the main church body. His bold testimony received a second witness as President Uchtdorf approached the pulpit in tears to resume conducting the meeting. It was like when missionaries are having discussions. One teaches a principle and then companion bears testimony on what was taught. Dieter F Uchtdorf was certainly bearing his testimony in that moment.
His message was bold in the principle that we must be kind and consider that many of these are mothers, professors, doctors, who have been displaced from their homes due to a war that they did not start.

Dallin H. Oaks

April 2016 General Conference- Oaks Sunday Afternoon

Yesterday there were those who shouted in opposition during the sustaining vote. Elder Oaks was very direct in defning the differences in questioning to find truth and opposing the Church of God. It almost felt like he was saying, ‘how dare you show up & oppose my prophet!’
I was in a ward council once where the Stake President and his counsellor were in attendance. After the meeting, the counsellor excused the sisters and the Stake President. He then explained that some of the leadership in our ward had been disrespectful in our conversations with the Stake President and even had begun complaining about him. With that controlled indignation of turning over money changer tables, he explained that the Lord would not tolerate this type of behavior, and neither would he. He outlined the hours our Stake President spent in prayer and service for the benefit of the members of our stake. He explained that the President was too tender-hearted to tell you this, so he took it upon himself.
It made be feel ashamed, but then as I humbled my heart I felt charity. I realized how much my Stake President and thought back on all the experiences I had with him. Seeing him take his widow mother and evening walks, when there was a need in the ward he was always there first, doing his best to sing and dance in Stake productions. This was a man deserving of my love and respect.
With the close proximity that the Apostles work in, I can certainly understand that strength in Elder Oaks’ words.

Kent F. Richards

April 2016 General Conference- Richards Sunday Afternoon

The temple has been a recurring theme of this conference. Elder Richards talked how much we need the temple. He encouraged us to work in the temple and encouraged single adults to become temple workers. The Newport Beach Temple started during this a few years ago. The temple matron said they were great, and they made everyone there feel young.

Paul V. Johnson

April 2016 General Conference- Johnson Sunday Afternoon
The Church’s Easter video this year was all about the hope that comes through the Ressurection. It was a reminder that because of the Ressurection of Jesus Christ, family members we have loved and lost will all be resurrected. Elder Johnson spoke about his daughter who died of cancer and hope she had and the way she blessed those around her. Because the resurrection is real, everything else he promised is real as well.

Jeffrey R. Holland

April 2016 General Conference- Holland Sunday Afternoon Ice Cream
Elder Holland closing out General Conference should become a thing. Do you know what else should become a thing? Post Conference Ice Cream! Elder Holland spoke about how he was the last speaker before we eat ice cream. If this something you do? We had never heard of it, but we broke out the chocolate chip the second the closing prayer was said. He also spoke about dinosaurs.
Check out this tee for guys and gals.

He shared a funny image of children being chased by a T-Rex. The word “Us” pointed to the children, and pointing to the Tyrannosaurus was the word, “Tomorrow.” It is true. We all feel the dread on Sunday afternoon as we realize this spiritual high is coming to an end. Elder Holland encouraged us saying, “as we return to our regular duties, let us pray that our Heavenly Father will bless us tomorrow to remember how we have felt today.”
Elder Hollard shared God’s love for us and how he wants us to succeed. Our efforts are commended and even if we fail. It was like Elder Oaks was asked to be the one who reproves “betimes with sharpness,” so Elder Holland could “[show] forth afterwards an increase of love.”
April 2016 General Conference- Holland Sunday Afternoon
What was your favorite moment of the April 2016 General Conference? What things will you share with your friends and followers?
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