With the new Church Handbook Changes excluding children of same-sex marriage to be baptized, I had been waiting for an official response from the church all day.

The fact that a desirous child would be denied baptism based on their parents sin did not sit well with me. There has been a lot of theorizing on the “why” of the subject. I found Kathryn Skaggs’s, a self-styled Well-Behaved Mormon Woman, comments helpful, also Geoff at This Week in Mormons had a compelling argument. I would say both of these people are devout members of the faith, but I wanted something official on the Church Handbook changes.
I visited the North America West Social Media Specialist Facebook group, I used to have a calling in public affairs, seeking for something there to ease my concerns about the Handbook changes. Just more assumptions, though. I trust the prophet and apostles and recognize their role as watchmen on the tower. I know they can see danger from afar off that might not be visible to us. I just wanted to understand why.
Answers to Handbook Changes Didn't Come From The Church-Watch Tower
Tonight was our ward temple night. I realized, if I needed comfort and reassurance, that was the place to find it. I attended with my wife. It was a great session and I get to sit next to my son Garren‘s primary teacher, who loves him. I regularly thank him for being so patient with him.
As I went through the veil, I sat with my wife in the Celestial room. I offered a silent prayer, “please help me understand this…”
I sat and I listened, then I felt the words delivered from the Holy Ghost, “I know them. No blessing will be denied them.” I felt peace about the matter.

Now, that experience might not mean much to you. It isn’t meant to. It was meant to comfort me and bless me with patience. That is the beauty of personal revelation. It is personal and it is special, just for you. If you are having difficulty with this issue, I would encourage you to ask Heavenly Father for help. Ask for assistance in your will being more aligned with His.
I was fortunate not to have to wait for my further clarification. As I turned my phone back on to take our Temple Selfie, I saw an article notification, “Church Provides Context on Handbook Changes Affecting Same-Sex Marriages.” It was posted just moments from me leaving the Temple! In an interview with Elder D. Todd Christofferson, there is an explanation as to why The Handbook changes had taken place and the reasoning behind it. I won’t attempt to interpret his words, but encourage you to watch the video. Then pray for hope and understanding if you still need it.

Update 11/13/15:
Answers to Handbook Changes Didn't Come From The Church- First Presidency Response
The First Presidency has offered further clarification on the new policy that really puts the administrative text of the Handbook Changes into a more “ministative” context.

For more information, you can get more official information from the Mormon Newsroom.