The Force Awakens Feels Familiar, like I had seen it before.

While watching Star Wars last weekend I thought to myself , The Force Awakens Feels Familiar. Then I realized I had seen it before. Only it was called A New Hope! Don’t get me wrong, I loved Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I have already seen it twice and am trying to find ways I can see it a third or fourth time.


Still, even though I loved it, the film borrows pretty heavily from the other Star Wars films with Han Solo leading a small team to disable a shield generator and a tiny all knowing force guide. This this list of 7 Ways The Force Awakens Feels Familiar, I am going to just focus on the similarities between Episode IV and Episode VII.

1. Our Hero(ine): Luke Skywalker & Rey (my guess is Solo or Skywalker)

7 Ways The Force Awakens Feels Familiar- Luke and Rey

Our hero is an assumed orphan on a desert planet. The Jedi have all but become extinct, but this individual has force sensitivities they never knew existed. Our hero finds a mentor figure to help them on their new path, but they are suddenly ripped away as they face our Dark Side Antagonist.

2. Military and Dark Side Antagonist: Grand Moff Tarkin and Darth Vader & General Hux and Kylo Ren
7 Ways The Force Awakens Feels Familiar- Tarkin Vader Hux Ren

We have the dichotomy of two villans that pose a threat to our band of freedon fighters. A military leader who commands the operations of the tyrannical adversary and Dark Force wielding radical who seems to operate both within and without the command structure. At times they seem at odd with each other and other they are united for a common goal. We know they are both important, but it seems unclear who hold the higher rank and authority.

3. Star of Destruction: The Death Star & Starkiller Base7 Ways The Force Awakens Feels Familiar- Death Star Starkiller

A giant planetoid sphere that must be destroyed. Luckily, said sphere has a single shaft that is it’s one weakness. A group of X-Wings must lead a mission to destroy this Star of Destruction that seems to coincide with a doomsday clock. This clock counting down to when it will be in range destroy our protagonists’ base where Leia stands around waiting to die. This superstructure also has a role in housing our damsel in distress and is in need of rescued. It also gets to show off it’s superlaser for political genocide.

4. Shhh, This Droid is Carrying a Secret: R2D2 & BB-8
7 Ways The Force Awakens Feels Familiar- R2D2 BB-8

If you have a secret to get back to the protagonists’ base, just put it in an Astromech. If it wanders around our desert planet long enough, it is sure to be saved by our hero from faceless junk dealers. In fact, our hero might even take it upon themselves to make ensuring that the droid is delivered their personal quest.

5. Han Solo’s Debt Collectors: Greedo & Bal-Tik (Guavian Death Gang) and Tasu Leech (Kanjiklub)
7 Ways The Force Awakens Feels Familiar- Greedo Tasu Leech

Han Solo agrees to help our hero get our secret holding droid to our protagonists’ base. But before he can leave, he is confronted by the enforcers for someone he owes a debt to. Han Solo has always been a risk taker and these individuals are seeking recompense over a deal gone sour.

6. Our Hero is Sold Out to the Antagonists: Imperial Spy Garindan & Bazine Netal

7 Ways The Force Awakens Feels Familiar- Imperial Spy Garindan Bazine Netal

When you have a secret to keep, the best thing to do is waltz around a cantina and let everyone know you are there. That way any hired informants can report you to the evil authorities, which they do. Just as our hero is about to take the next step in their delivery service crusade, the antagonists show up and exchange laser fire

7. Cantina Character Montage of Creatures You’ll Never See Again: Mos Eisley Cantina & Maz Kanata’s Castle Cantina

7 Ways The Force Awakens Feels Familiar- Mos Eisley Takodana Castle

To help reminder the watcher that we are truly in an alien galaxy, we need a 90 second montage with upbeat music that features all sorts of randon aliens. While most of these randos have no names or lines in the film, you will find their character history via their action figures and short stories.


A few days ago Zachary Antell posted “A New Awakening” – Star Wars Episode IV and VII Shot Comparison on Vimeo. It is a video essay on shot for shot comparisons of The Force Awakens and A New Hope.

How Would You Say The Force Awakens Feels Familiar To You?

I am sure there are countless other similarities to other movies, comment below and tell me which ones caused you to say that The Force Awakens Feels Familiar to you.