The @LDSchurch has lots of ideas to prepare for #LDSconf. They are super helpful, and I love the strides the Church has made on social media in the past few years. But they aren’t the only ones with great ideas on how to enjoy and share General Conference. Here are 5 of our favorite posts to help you get the most our of this weekend.
1. Our KERRazy Adventure: What is General Conference?
What is General Conference
While my wife’s blog is mostly about our family adventures and what it is like being a Mom and a Wife, much of what influences how we live is our faith. Kristie takes time to share with her readers what General Conference is. If you have been wondering how to explain what General Conference is to your friends, she likely has some ideas for you.
2. Normons: Mormon General Conference – Like Spending 12 Hours With The Pope
5 Articles to Get You Ready for LDS General Conference- 12 hours of hearing from the pope
There has been a lot of hullaballoo about the recent visit by the Pope to the United States. (That’s right, I said it. Hullaballoo!) The folks over at compare General Conference to a visit from the Pope. “Catholic people view the Pope as their inspired leader, chosen by God. He is meant to guide and direct the church, using a divine connection with God as his compass. People hang on his every word because they recognize him as an authorized servant of the Lord. Mormons, on the other hand, believe that a Prophet, his twelve Apostles, and many other leaders have been called by God to serve him and direct his work. We believe that God is still speaking to man, and that one way he speaks to us is through those chosen leaders.”
3. Elevate Everyday: General Conference Cinnamon Rolls and Activities for Kids

Your kids might not be ready for four two hour sessions of General Conference over the course of weekend, some adults still struggle! Summer shares some great activities that help children be engaged and content during sessions. There is a delicate balance between keeping keeping kids simply quiet and helping them to be reverent. You could just hand them the iPad and let them play Clash of Clans for eight hours this weekend. The activities Summer shares encourage children to pay attention to the types of ties worn, listen for keywords, get to know the brethren better.
4. 10 Miracles of Finding Answers to Questions at General Conference
5 Articles to Get You Ready for LDS General Conference- Conference Center
Lisa shares some amazing stories from people who had their prayers answered during General Conference. “As a silly twelve year old, I tried to think of the most random question I could: ‘I want to know how potatoes are grown.’ Everyone laughed and we moved on with the lesson. The incident forgotten, I sat to watch Conference with my family the next weekend. Elder Holland was speaking near the end of the first session. My thoughts were drifting a bit when suddenly, I gasped as I heard him say, ‘We’re just old potato farmers…” General Conference is a special time. I will always remember the time I was in the Emergency Room with Kristie when she was pregnant. It was like Elder Holland was speaking directly to me!
5. (for Youth): Getting the Most out of General Conference

While we have some ideas for young children, just as important are young adults. Our young men and women are at an age where they are starting to obtain a testimony of their very own. What better place for them to obtain that, than at General Conference. The Church’s Youth site shares tips on how to prepare before conference, listen intently during conference, and then ponfer after conference on the things you have heard and felt.
I always love General Conference time. I hope these articles help to propare you to get the most out of this weekend. Besure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as we join the conversation with #LDSconf.